Cross Country 5k Rankings: Top 300 Tennessee Sophomore Girls

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Top 300 Sophomore Girls

Leaders By Division

Division I Class AAAClaire StegallNolensville17:08
Division I Class AA/AAbi CobbLiberty Creek18:38
Division II Class AAAnnamaria BacchettaHarpeth Hall18:51
Division II Class ASophie McInturffThe Webb School (BB)20:36
Home SchoolSophie WrightCSTHEA21:21

The Class of 2025 girls has as much star power as the boys but yet somehow, we haven't been able to get Claire Stegall and Abby Faith Cheeseman on the same track or the same course at the same time. The only opportunity we may have left this season is Jesse Owens. That will be Stegall's next race and Webb is already registered to attend. If Cheeseman isn't race ready by that point or Stegall's recovery takes longer than anticipated that's fine. My "editorial dream matchup" is secondary to the health and recovery of any athlete. Gives us something to look forward to next season. Nevertheless their placement in separate divisions means this class could possibly win three of the four classifications above. Stegall is the overall leader in AAA, Cobb is the overall leader in AA/A, and Cheeseman is your 2x defending champion in Division II Class A. It would take some research but if you're a "resident historian" I'd be curious to know of the last time the majority of individual state titles were won by underclassmen. 

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