Save Time

Registration on MileSplit means you’ll get to focus your time on your athletes. From pre-populated rosters and seed times to updated local leagues and classifications, MileSplit is the go-to registration source for state associations and coaches alike.

Save Money

Every feature of MileSplit’s online registration platform is free of charge!

Grow The Sport

Having registration on MileSplit allows us to more effectively cover the sport. From planning out our coverage schedule to previewing upcoming meets, we are able to provide your event and your athletes the recognition that they deserve.

Phil Logan

Phil Logan

The Perfect Timing Group

"The Perfect Timing Group has grown or the last two decades leaps and bound. We are one of the largest timing companies in the southeast. Our growth can be partly contributed to Milesplit as we use their registration for the vast majority of our meets. Our customers use Milesplit for registration and results exclusively. The primary reason our customer are locked into Milesplit is the ease of use, database and ranking for athletes. The Milesplit database produces current and past results over the year. We are very happy with our relation with MileSplit and looking forward to continue superb coverage and state of the art LIVE Results in the future."

Kellen Adams

Kellen Adams

Midwest Timing

"Milesplit has been a huge gamechanger for us. Whether through the ease of the system to the great customer service that is exemplified frequently, we have truly enjoyed our partnership."

Mike Welch

Mike Welch

Cowtown Timing

"After using other registration platforms, switching to Milesplit was the best move we could of made. The ease of entering and downloading athletes made our job a lot easier. The best part of working with Milesplit is the customer service they provide. Unlike other platforms, you can talk to a person if you have a problem. Jeff and Alonso bend over backwards to make sure we get all problems solved."

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much does it cost to use MileSplit’s Meet Registration?
    MileSplit’s meet registration system is completely free! It’s free to host your meet and it's free to register your team.
  • Who uses MileSplit’s meet registration system?
    MileSplit is used by thousands of meets every year for cross country and track & field meets including high school, middle school, college, and club meets. Our meet registration system is used by a wide range of teams and timers.
  • Is it easy to use?
    YES! Our system was designed to help you set up your Meet with several key features:• Copying entries from a previously Meet • Recommends athletes based on the event • Pre-populates seed times from the MileSplit database