TAFCOT 2020 Clinic Update

Ok coaches, we are getting down to a couple of weeks left until the T&F Clinic January 17 and 18. It's a Friday and Saturday event. Friday the events will be at the Hilton Garden Inn Brentwood with a couple of 30 minute sessions that will be followed by a Social in the hotel's lounge area. 

Last year was standing room only on Friday and for a fan of track & field, something not to miss. On Saturday you get to pick which course you want to attend for each of the 5 Sessions scheduled. That's several different courses where you can learn something new or refresh what you may have forgotten about our fantastic sport! 


This could change but here is the schedule of events for the 2020 Clinic 

Friday January 17 All Sessions@ Hilton Garden Inn Brentwood

6:00pm TSSAA Rules Meeting Richard McWhirter

7:00pm Kindersport Presents TBA

7:30pm General vs Generic Preparation Vince Anderson

8:30pm VS Athletics Coaches Social HGI Lounge Area


Saturday January 18 All sessions @ Franklin Road Academy


7:30am FCA Breakfast of Champions


8:30am Clinic

Session #1

A. Long Jump Principles- Chris Huffins

B. How Did This Happen? How to Make and Irrelevant Sport Relevant- Phil Young

C. Sprint Relays: - Will Jay


9:45am Clinic Session #2

A. Building a Winning Team Culture- Chris Huffins

B. Shot Put: Set the ring on Fire- Gary Kinder

C. Medical Support and Guidance for Healthy Sport- Dr. James Lohse


11:00am Clinic Session #3

A. Front side sprint mechanics: 2 Fundamental Exercises Explained - Vince Anderson

B. Simplifying the several methods of Discus technique for HS throwers -Fran Hoogestraat

C. Hosting a Winning Meet- Ronnie Seigenthaler


12:00pm Beynon Track Surfaces Victory Lunch


1:15pm Clinic Session #4

A. Choosing and training young Hurdlers- Vince Anderson

B. Power Application in efficient high school track and field training programs- Dillon Seigenthaler

C. Farther versus Faster: A distance Dilemma-Len Jeffers


2:30pm Clinic Session #5

A. Long Sprints: Will Jay

B. Efficient and Effective Training for the Multi Events- Gary Kinder

C. Pole Vault: "How to build a pole vault program" Mike Morrison

3:45pm Track and Field Coaches of Tennessee Meeting


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Hope to see you all there and on the Track!

 Coach Ted