Pro Tip: How To Get The Best Quality Photos From Our Albums

The photo on the left and on the right were saved from the same webpage. The difference in quality is from how they were saved to begin with.

Pro Account Features

Have you ever saved a photo from one of our albums and shared it only for the end result to look pixelated and blurrier than what you saw on our website? Access to photo albums is one of the benefits of a Pro Subscription but it is only a value-add if you feel the picture you, the athletes you coach, or your son or daughter can be accessed at the highest quality. The easiest way to explain how is to tell you to us the DOWNLOAD button that can be found on the webpage however, on the mobile site it can be hard to find. Here's a quick tutorial on how to download the highest quality photo using this. 

Where is the DOWNLOAD button?

If you are on a computer or laptop it can be found here: 

If you are on a mobile device this button moves close to the bottom of the page: 

Where How Do I Save It To Photos After That? 

If you are on a laptop or desktop clicking DOWNLOAD will be the only step. If you were right-clicking on the photo and saving before, you were doing it wrong and getting a lesser quality image.

On mobile, browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox) will have slight variations and each platform (IOS or Android) will have differing ways to navigate but ultimately it is a 3 step process. 

  1. Click Download
  2. Navigate to the File In Downloads
  3. Save to Device

Here is an instructional video on how this process works in Chrome on an iPhone. 

Ultimately, do not tap, hold, and save or right-click and save anymore. Use the download button and make the most of your Pro Account and your photo album experience.