RESULTS: Douglas, Winders Win Dresden Invitational

Dresden Invitational

The official first contest date was Monday of this week and without delay some schools jumped at the opportunity to compete at the earliest possible chance and with the forecast coming for the remainder of this week, they're probably thankful they did rather than open their season on wet course conditions. That said, a dry course came as a tradeoff to late afternoon heat. The temperature at the 4:30 start time was 88 with a feels like temperature of 95. That said, these are what stands out from these results. 

Winders Wins

Henry County's Dinah Winders did just enough this year to win the event finishing in 19:46. According to her Coach, who also happens to be her dad, "Dinah just ran a good effort and shut it down."  She opened her 2020 campaign also at Dresden and like yesterday won as well with a time of 18:58. Dinah is hard to gauge when trying to predict how she'll finish in November. You may look at her state cross country race last year and see a 16th place finish next to her name and think "maybe top 10 will be good for her this season" but that might be an underestimation. Just two weeks after Dresden in 2020, she won the Sanders Ferry Showdown with a time of 18:38 beating the likes of Ouellette, Halterman, and Vanderkolk in the process. Her time for state was a full 30 seconds slower on the same course. The parallels to her brother Silas's junior year state meet are worth noting. In 2018 as a Junior, Silas was projected to get Top 5 but finished 14th. He bounced back the next season to finish first. Obviously, that exact outcome is unlikely considering who runs for Science Hill but as someone who ran in the 18's six times last season, it's not beyond the realm of possibility to see her finish in the first few runners in November. 

Dinah Winders pulled away late in 2020 to win the Sanders Ferry Showdown.

Varsity Girls Top 10: 

HS Girls 5,000 Meter Run                     
    Name                  Yr Team                      Time   Pts
  1 Dinah Winders         12 Henry County High Sc 19:46.85       
  2 Alli Hylkema          12 Jackson Christian Hi 21:21.41       
  3 Olyvia Underwood       9 Obion Co. Central Hi 22:26.45      1
  4 Ellie Poole            9 Dresden High School  23:05.28      2
  5 Kennedi Robinson       9 Union City High Scho 23:14.28      3
  6 Brenley Little         9 Greenfield High Scho 23:31.63       
  7 Hallie Trevathan       9 Greenfield High Scho 23:35.16       
  8 Emma Pierce            9 Camden Central High  23:42.90      4
  9 Addie Roberson        11 Dyer Co. High School 23:55.27       
 10 Bailey Morris         11 Camden Central High  23:59.39      5