Home School Powerhouse: Sovereign Grace Storm

Powerhouse Performances: 

At last year's Tennessee Classicthe Sovereign Grace boys' team narrowly finished 2nd behind traditional powerhouse Brentwood Academy in the Silver Division overall team standings. From the finish, I tweeted this:

The thought I immediately had after the race was "In the Division II Small state race this team might have something to say. Let me go interview their coach." I tracked down Coach Jesi Christiansen, introduced myself and reiterated the reason I was requesting an interview at which point she informed me "Sovereign Grace is a home school team and we don't compete at state." I didn't know what to say except "Really?!" We agreed not to film an interview but I chewed on that information for the rest of the day.

The Sovereign Grace girls' team then proceeded to BEAT Harpeth Hall, another private school power house, in the Silver Division race. As it turns out this wasn't the first time I noticed the girls team while reporting. See this tweet from a year earlier:

Though the Sovereign Grace Storm will not be stepping on the podium in November, they have become a staple in the Middle Tennessee High School Cross Country Community and before we ramp up our coverage for state, wanted to take some time to highlight their season and their mindset being a home school program in a public school space.