Coaches: Setting up Online Registration from Scratch for a New Meet

A quick, step-by-step guide to getting online registration set up for a new meet or a meet that's never had it before...

It's been said before, but it bears repeating: Online registration is now free on Colorado Track XC, but it's also self-serve. Fortunately, it's also really easy.

But, if my assurances of "really easy" aren't good enough, here is a quick how-to guide on going through the process.

Begin my making sure you are logged in. The person icon in the upper right corner should say "Account" beneath it. If it says "Login" beneath it, you are not yet logged in. Do that now.

Next, from the main navigation bar, click on More/Online Registration. This will take you to the online registration wizard. The first screen you see should look a lot like the one below:

My meet was already populated and waiting to be selected, but if yours is a new meet it will not. You will click ono the Not Listed, Start New Meet button and fill in the basic information about your meet: name, venue, date, and such. When you're done it, your screen will look a lot like this (only with different meet information:

Click Next to advance to Step 3

At this screen, you will set the basic parameters for online registration: opening time, closing time, who can enter, password (if desired), etc. If you set a password, you will need to distribute that to schools that have signed up for your meet. The implementation of a password, though, does prevent schools who have not actually entered your meet from doing event entries (believe it or not, that is occasionally a problem). Click on Next to go to Step 4:

If you have a previous meet that has all the events you want to include in this meet (without simply cloning a meet over from one year to the next), you can select that meet from the list of meets shown. That's often the easiest way to do this. Otherwise, you can select from one of the three templates shown (which will typically have most of the events you need, but you may also need to add some events later). Or, you can select at the bottom (not shown in the screen shot) to custom enter events. Once you've made your selection here, click at the bottom to advance to Step 5.

Most meets will have only a single division. Check the box next to New Division 1, click on "New Division 1" to edit the name of the division (you might simply use "HS", "High School", or "Varsity", as examples. Set the number of entries you will allow per team in each event in the division, and select the seed settings you desire. Off beyond the right side of the screen shot above, you can select who to allow to enter your meet between Schools, Clubs, and Individuals. In most cases, it will be Schools only. Then click Next to advance to Step 6.

If you selected a template, you'll find at least most of your events already in place here. You could find yourself needing to add an event or two, though, so check the list carefully and make certain all the events you need are shown. Add them at the bottom if they are not showing. New events will need entry limits set.

Click at the bottom when you're done, and your meet should be set up. You are done!

If at any time after you've set up your meet you need to make changes, you can go to your meet admin page to changes things like basic meet information and registration opening and closing times. If you need to change events or entry limits for all or certain events, you will need to send me an email to effect those changes for you.

Have fun!