CCS Fast Break Invitational 2016

Meet Information

Online Registration Help

AcceptsClubs yes
AcceptsIndividuals yes
MeetFees $5.00 per athlete; maximum fee is $40.00 per gender team
Payments mail checks to:
Chattanooga Christian School
c/o Daniel Russell
3354 Charger Dr.
Chattanooga, TN 37409

Deadline: Wednesday March 16, at 11:59 p.m. (midnight)

Entry Restrictions per Gender Team:
1 relay team per relay event
3 athletes per individual event
Athlete may compete in up to 4 events of any combination.

Gate Fee: $3/adult; $2/student

Coaching Duties: Please provide at least 1 coach from your team to judge one or more of the following field events. Please e-mail your preference to

Event: School providing a head judge
girls pole vault: GPS, McCallie
boys pole vault: McCallie, GPS
girls high jump: CCS, Tyner
boys high jump: CCS, Tyner
girls long jump: Bradley. LFO, SBA,
boys long jump: Bradley, LFO, SBA
girls triple jump: Bradley, LFO, SBA,
boys triple jump: Bradley, LFO, SBA,
girls shot put: CSAS, Girls Leadership Academy
boys shot put: CSAS, ?
girls discus: Signal, Soddy
boys discus: Signal, Soddy
games committee (issues a judgment regarding any controversial issues) CCS, Walker Valley, Notre Dame

Schedule of Events:
9:00 Implement Weigh-In; Vaulter Weigh-In & Pole Inspection
9:15 Coaches Meeting
9:30 Field Events Begin
Rnd 1: girls Discus, High Jump, Pole Vault; boys Shot Put, Long Jump, Triple Jump
Rnd 2: girls Shot Put, Long Jump, Triple Jump; boys Discus, High Jump, Pole Vault
10:00 4x800 m Relay
11:00 Running Events Begin, even if field events are still in progress (girls then boys)
100/110 m High Hurdles
100 m Dash
4x200 m Relay - exchange zones: Rhea, Patriots
1600 m Run
4x100 m Relay - exchange zones: Rhea, Walker Valley, Partiots, CCS
400 m Dash
300 m Hurdles
800 m Run
200 m Dash
3200 m Run
4x400 m Relay - Rhea, Walker Valley

Breakline: Rhea, Walker Valley

Individual Events (top 8): 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1
Relay Events (top 8): 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

Minimum Marks for Measurement: (NO minimum marks for ENTRY, but no measurement will be made if athlete comes short of given mark. Athletes may REQUEST a measurement on their LAST attempt if all previous attempts fell short of minimum mark.)
Girls Discus: 50'
Boys Discus: 70'
Girls Shot Put: 20'
Boys Shot Put: 30'
Girls Long Jump: 10'
Boys Long Jump: 14'
Girls Triple Jump: 18'
Boys Triple Jump: 20'
Girls High Jump (opening height): 4'2"
Boys High Jump (opening height): 4'6"
Girls Pole Vault (opening height): 6'
Boys Pole Vault (opening height): 7'

Field Events Procedures:
All implements must be weighed in and marked before use in competition. Any under-weight implements will be held at the timing table for teams to claim after throwing events have concluded. Legal-weight implements may be borrowed as needed.
Girls discus: 1.0 kg
Boys discus: 1.6 kg
Boys shot put: 12 lbs
Girls shot put: 4.0 kg

Throwers using un-weighed implements will be disqualified from competition.

3 attempts permitted

Measuring: A pin will be placed at the point of impact for each attempt. The pin will be moved if athletes' successive attempts are better than their first attempts. One measurement will be made at the conclusion of the flight to record athletes' best throws.

All throwing events and long jump will be conducted in heats of 10-14 athletes per heat.

Tennis balls and athletic tape may be used to set marks; NO CHALK, please

3 attempts total for long jump and triple jump

3 attempts per height for high jump and pole vault

Vaulters will be weighed in and poles will be inspected at the pole vault venue.

Scratches/Substitutions for running events must be made known at the conclusion of the coaches meeting.

Scratches/Substitutions for field events should be made at the appropriate venues.

No Substitutions permitted after 9:30

Absolutely NO new athletes added who were not on original registration.

Coaches' Responsibilities: These will be assigned during the coaches meeting.

Games Committee: If you are interested in being part of the committee, please notify Sonja Mullins( when you submit your registration.

Officiate a field event.

Supervise relay exchange zones.

Coaches' hospitality tent (coaches only, please)

Concession stand offers a wide variety of snacks and simple meals for purchase.

Results posted to

Individual awards for top 3 finishers in each event.

Gender Team Awards
1st Place: 5x7 plaque, baton, implement carry bag
2nd Place: baton, implement carry bag
3rd Place: baton

Please use 1/4" spikes or shorter.

Tents may be pitched:
~Along the fence
~In the uppermost row of bleachers
~In the field adjoining the long jump pits

Infield is reserved for coaches and athletes warming up
Spectators may congregate near the field events if they observe the safety boundaries, but they must stay off the track in deference to athletes who may be warming up or competing.

Scores and results will be periodically posted throughout the meet on the side of the concession stand.

Only coaches should request or challenge results.

Email Sonja Mullins for full details (