Vanderbilt High School Indoor Invitational 2015

Nashville, TN


Why Are Participation Limits in Field Events Not the Same Across the Meet? Dec 21, 2014

Is it just me or does a lack of consistency in the allowed entries, simply not make sense.  Since this is a “qualifying” meet for a state championship would it not be more competitive, to have the same number of athletes in each field event?  Or from a different perspective, how about attempt to involve, attract, and support as many Tennessee Athletes as possible. Not only the ones who can travel to Johnson City. Let’s be clear, it is not a time issue. (I officiated this meet last year so 8 more participants is not a factor.) There is a proven and simple remedy for time in field events, minimum marks.  Coaches, athletes, and parents understand them, everybody knows the standard. Even from a business perspective they make sense, (everybody pays, why turn away hundreds of dollars in entry fees). The facility did not put participant limits on the meet organizers. So why are the different participant limits for the field events? 

Tennessee State Indoor Championships Is Back! Dec 20, 2014

 It has been over 35 years since Tennessee has held official or unofficial state high school indoor track and field championships.   Neighboring states Alabama, North Carolina and Virginia all hold state indoor championships.   With high schools and clubs in the state of Tennessee investing more time developing an indoor season for their sprinters, jumpers and throwers, Tennessee track and field athletes are better prepared to preform well during what is a very short outdoor season.  Combine this with two well-established indoor track meets, the KYA High School Indoor Track Classic and the KYA-NYA Vanderbilt High School Indoor Invitational and you have the foundation to put a state meet on the launching pad.