Five Races Worth Rewatching From The KYA HS Indoor Classic

Beyond The Headliners

While the state's fastest put on a show on Saturday there were significant performances as the heats progressed throughout each event that Tennesseans should take note of. 

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Boys 400m Dash Heat 2

Though Kaleb Conway (Middle Above) and Kelvin Brown (Right) were in different jerseys on Saturday, they both run for Collierville in the spring and if I'm in Section 4 I'm paying attention to this race. The winner was from out of state but Conway finished a close second in 50.04 and Brown ran 50.26. It was the fastest for both runners in the distance indoor or out. Combine this with Junior Dragon David DeBerry who ran 51.08 last spring and you have three of four legs for a mile relay team that is on target to run 3:24 or faster.