2022 Storyline: Division I Class AA/A... Run It Back!

Instagram Predictions

On July 13th, we posted a story on our Instagram page that simply asked followers "What is your prediction for the 2022 Cross County season?" After one day we received over 70 responses with more coming in. From now until the first gun fires, we'll analyze some of those predictions to help us prepare for the upcoming 2022 season.

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Prediction: Signal Sweeps Team Titles

"SMHS Girls Will Win State"

"Signal Boys and Girls will win state"

"Signal sweeps guys and girls" 

"Josh Pote goes sub 15:15 and Signal Girls and guys win state"

Two points and three points. Those were the margins of victory for Central Magnet over Signal Mountain in the boys team race and girls team race respectively in November of last year. After four years in the "Large Division," the Tigers returned to the revamped Class AA/A and ended the stranglehold the Eagles had on the Small Division. The disruption may be short lived as they'll have important pieces to replace. Both squad for Central will be without their top two runners next season due to graduation:

Beyond this, their longtime Head Coach Allen Nichols has traded in his whistle for a walkie-talkie as he has now transitioned from the locker room to administration. 

I don't know who the new coach is yet (personally at least), but the infrastructure in the program will keep the Tigers competitive regardless of who is at the helm. Will it be enough to spoil the part again? 

2021 Class AA-A Boys Race Highlights.