Poll: MileSplit TN 2021 Mullet of the Year Semi-Final No. 2

Mullet of the Year

The mullet hairstyle has made a comeback in recent years and in the running community it has most notably been popularized by former Ole Miss runner Craig Engels. As cross country started this year, I was trying find a way to grow my audience on Instagram and the best way I thought to do that was 1) highlight the results from the running and 2) highlight the culture of running. With that in mind, "Mullet Monday" was born at the Siegel Under the Stars Two Mile and grew from there into a weekly staple and crowd favorite to a point where I no longer had to shoot the videos myself, they would just be sent to me. 

This year we showcased ten athletes and their hairstyles from all parts of the state and to fill the gap between state and national races I decided to make a poll in order to crown Mullet of the Year. These are the first five presented to you in chronological order of their posting to Instagram with a poll at the end. The other Semi-Final will be posted later this week and the winner of those will go head to head in a final poll. Enjoy. 

Semi Final No. 1

This was the first time this using the "Crowd Signal" polling service so I was not aware of how easy it was to manipulate but after it was brought to my attention Thursday morning that overnight someone received 5000 votes I did some digging and found that some IP Addresses, essentially the address of your phone, had voted upwards of 800 times. I deleted all results from addresses whose vote total exceeded 20 and set a 12 hour restriction on voting to 12 hours per IP, the max allowable using this service. While we can't ensure no one will vote twice, this will and has eliminated voting spam. Thank you for understanding but just remember, this is for fun.