Week 8 Highlights: KIL, Saturday Light Fever, Trailblazer

Nashville Youth Athletics

Before we get to some highlights I wanted to bring attention to this unfortunate situation that occurred last week to Nashville Youth Athletics. 

hey fam! the NYA black trailer was stolen yesterday at about 11am from right in front of our house! it has 8 years of collected equipment in it that will take me forever to remember! our big NYA tent, plus two small ones, stakes, generator, boxes of numbers awards, rope, paint, flags... i doubt they wanted any of that stuff so if you see it dumped somewhere LMK! and keep your eyes peeled for a black trailer with a big "O" on the back. cross all your fingers and toes that something finds it's way back to us!! 

and just in case you weren't sure if it's worth caring about our stolen trailer, it is. we provide a opportunity for EVERYONE to run, no matter where or how they school or what their background or talent level may be. we have built a community around running - for some it is their passion, others just love the camaraderie. we care deeply for each child that crosses that line and hope that they felt loved and supported in their endeavor. these kids fight hard and push their bodies for themselves and their teammates and we are inspired by them every. single. time. we have been given a gift through becoming stewards of the youth running community and it is something we take seriously and cherish. share our story, support the kids in your community that decide to try something new and those that dedicate themselves so voraciously to their passions, be it athletic or otherwise. these kids deserve it! and they deserve to have us cheering them across the finish line again and again.

If you'd like to help support their replacement efforts you can click here