Week 1 Highlights: Dekalb, Collierville, Siegel, Hume-Fogg

A Wet Weekend

This weekend could've been one of those "My Fall Plans/Delta Variant" memes. While the Macon Bank & Trust Invitational stayed mostly precipitation free, the remaining events for the day did not. The Brentwood time trial was cancelled entirely and while the Siegel time trial did eventually finish around 11:00 PM, it did so with a lot of scratches. By the time I showed up around 9:00 they were just coming out of their second lighting delay and a few schools, Central Magnet, Hume-Fogg, and Harpeth Hall, already called it an evening.

While there, I didn't shoot any full race video. I just wanted to get some shots for social media and in the process I started hanging around the finishing chute. That's when I just started shooting random clips. From this, I started focusing on the post-race interactions between teammates and competitors. On a night like this, where you've been on location for close to six hours, in and out of downpours, huddled in the tents... there comes a point where you're all there to race the elements rather than race each other. That became apparent as the night went on.

No one spends their Saturday night running in the rain at 11:00 PM because they like it. They do it because they love it. Now let's get to some highlights.