Harding Academy: Why they won Division II Class A

Harding Academy Girls

Coach King reached out very early to congratulate me on taking over as editor and in our correspondence, I asked who from Harding Academy I should keep an eye on from the Lion's squad. His response was as follows:

"It's so hard to tell who to keep an eye on at this point. Since we haven't really competed in almost two years, I'm going off old results and the eyeball test in practice. Here's a few athletes that are sticking out to me after the offseason cycle and 6 practices... There are several (guys and girls) who have shown glimpses of something special here and there, but we'll see how the season goes."

 - Coach Seth King (3/2/2021)

I think it's safe to say the season must've gone pretty well. Here's how his girls fared in Rockvale a few couple of weeks ago:

Harding USN
Event Wins 1 5
Events w/ Multiple Scorers 5 2
Total Events Scored 14 8

Harding's lone victory in the open events occurred in discus where Emily Howard took first and Morgan Nunnally took 5th.

While his team may have lacked "star power" that he thought I, at the time, might be interested in they did not lack depth, which as it turns out, was more important that Wednesday. The USN girl's were very reminiscent of the Pearl Cohn Boys team from the night before. They dominated the short sprints, had a few standouts in the field, but didn't have the full complement of distance and other field event disciplines to capitalize on all their event wins. Harding on the other hand, was able to score in just about everything the Kassim sisters didn't win and even though USN's Holly Schreiber won, Harding vaulters scored 19.5 to her 10 for winning.