Week 8 Highlights: More Qualifying Questions & Sectionals

Question on Qualifying: 

Over the past few weeks I've pointed out some inconsistencies with who qualifies for the state meet which in no way is uniform across Classifications. Some have at-large bids, some sections have sub-sectionals while other do not, and as it turns out there seems to also be some confusion about how you qualify for the state championship.

While covering the Section 2 Championship, a situation arose where five female high jumpers cleared 5-0. Three then cleared 5-2. The two who did not had no misses leading up to 5-2. They were in a dead tie and neither knew who would advance or if they both would. My gut told me based on past results they both would. Nevertheless, I posed this question to twitter and received mixed responses. I'm not going to embed every response so click on the tweet and read them.

I received responses from coaches in Sections 1, 3, and 4. Some said "jump off" while others said "both." This disagreement simply adds to the confusion of letting sections decide for themselves how they decide to hold qualifying. I responded to the responses with results from previous state meets which supports "more than four in case of ties." In 2018 there were 18 jumpers and in 2017 there were 17 jumpers not to mention during the competition at Riverdale there were multiple TSSAA officials monitoring the event. Check the IG Highlights... they're all sitting around the check in table. 

So if the precedent is "let the sectional decide" on things like what marks qualify and whether or not to have sub-sectionals then why not also let the sectional decide if they're going to jump off for fourth place or advance all tied athletes?

Honestly, I'm not here to light a match and walk out of the room but there is clearly some disagreement how the rules of qualifying are interpreted and enacted section by section. Now let's get to some highlights.