Week 2 Highlights: Early Bird, March Madness, & Rainouts

Boys Division II Landscape

If I haven't stated this before, Division II is new territory to me. The rivalries, history, landscape... all pretty foreign but seeing as how I spent most of last week highlighting Division I results I thought I'd at least start here. On that same note, when I first approached William Holleman after his victory on Friday I said "Why don't I know you?" Holleman placed 5th in November at the State Cross Country Meet but I have a feeling after this 9:32 performance more people outside of Division II circles will have him on their radar. I know I do now. 

MBA's William Holleman on his victory and training through COVID. 

As of right now, McCallie is the most complete team in the state in a dual format. They may just be the best team in the state period. Outside of throws, they have one or more athletes hovering around the Top 15 across all classifications, Top 5 if you just do Division II, and they're leading all the relays except the 4x1 which is sitting in 2nd. Whatever momentum the program gained from winning the cross country title this season is carrying them into the early part of track season.

On an individual level, Senior Michael May is likely the most complete athlete currently in the state as well. This is his current resume at time of publishing:

Event Performance D-II  ALL
110Mh  15.19 1st 4th
300Mh 41.17 1st 3rd
HJ 5' - 10"  1st 6th
PV 11' - 6"  3rd 4th
LJ  20' - .5"  10th 26th

I would be shocked if he didn't post the best decathlon point total (assuming he competes) in May.