What We'll Miss About State: The Unknown Stories

The Obvious Stories

Not that I have to tell anyone who is reading this... but the State Championship would've been this week. This season had a slew of storylines I was ready to cover:

-         Mikele Vickers trying to become the first Tennessee Jumper to go 20' - 40'

-         Brevin Sims lowering his State Record in Hurdles

-         Kevin Davis: 100m, 200m Records on Notice

-         Hutchins vs. Neglia

-         Silas Winders and Jett Kinder's "Last Dance"

2020 did not lack star power.

We're all missing track and field this season and while the obvious stories would have been highly promoted on this website, it's the loss of the unknown stories that we didn't know were going to occur that for me are the hardest to get past.