PREVIEW: TN, GA & VA Athletes Headline Music City 2020

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Part two of three kicks off Saturday.

The 2020 Music City HS Indoor Invitational is the second indoor meet of the season in the Volunteer State. Our runners, jumpers and throwers always represent well out of state too. But in Tennessee, you've got KYA Indoor, Music City and Indoor State.

A lot of athletes will be looking to punch their tickets to that indoor state meet tomorrow in Nashville.

Here are a few of the top events to watch tomorrow in Nashville.

Girls Mile | 2:30 PM CT | Meet Record: 4:51.90 (Emma Grace Hurley, 2016)

This might be the race of the day. The seeded mile features three girls who are seeded below five minutes. 

16 girls come in at 5:22 or better. That's...not bad.

Sasha Neglia headlines this field. The future UNC Tarheel is seeded at 4:49.10. The top time in the state belongs to Sofia Rutherford at 4:55.46. And that's also the 10th-fastest time in America right now. If Neglia can beat it, she'll have the state lead and a US Top 10. 

She'll be pushed by an incredible field, including Rutherford's teammate Beth Donnelly. She's the current US No. 12 with a 4:56.03 at Vandy a couple weeks ago. 

And you obviously can't forget about Leigh Walters either, who had a monster cross country season. She's seeded at 4:53.19.

We might see three girls finish right around the four-year-old meet record. That race is going to be fantastic.

Section 1 Timed Finals

  1  Neglia, Sasha                 12 Dobyns-Benne TC     4:49.10 
  2  Walters, Leigh                11 Fred J. Page TC     4:53.19 
  3  Donnelly, Beth                18 Brentwood Tr        4:53.94 
  4  Jones, Madison                11 Unattached          5:04.30 
  5  Tucker, Callie                11 Knoxville Ca TC     5:06.78 
  6  Newman, Allison               11 St George's         5:08.95 
  7  Burwell, Sarah                11 George Walto        5:09.10 
  8  Winders, Dinah                10 Henry County        5:09.98 
  9  McCartney, Sarah              12 Unattached          5:11.03 
 10  Russum, Emma                  11 Dobyns-Benne TC     5:15.10 
 11  Perlakowski, Riley               Hoya TC             5:17.36 
 12  Wittman, Kylie                12 Brentwood Ac TC     5:18.84 
 13  Hu, Cathy                     11 Farragut TC         5:20.39 
 14  Ouellette, Samantha           10 Unattached          5:22.30 
 15  Heckman, Elizabeth            12 Brentwood Ac TC     5:22.43 
 16  Jardet, Cathryn               11 Hardin Valle TC     5:22.79

Boys 60 Meter Hurdles | Prelims: 1:30 PM CT | Meet Record: 7.81 (Matthew Moore, 2016)

Here's another meet record that could easily go down. 

Because Brevin Sims headlines this field.

The Chattanooga Arts and Sciences senior would become the new US No. 1 if he can break Matthew Moore's four-year-old record. He's currently third in America with his season-opener in-state at KYA earlier this month. With him leading the way, a few more guys may be in US Top 20 range.

Quincy Armstrong is seeded at 8.04. He'll run in the fifth heat of prelims. He's US No. 13 right now. Anything 8.04 or better will get these guys in the top 20 nationally. And on this fast track, there could be a few from this loaded field.

Boys Mile | 2:30 PM CT | Meet Record: 4:14.53 (Brodey Hasty, 2017)

Anytime you've got a chance to break one of Brodey Hasty's records, you're moving pretty fast.

That's not exactly a hot take.

And 16 guys at 4:30 or better will run in the fast heat of the seeded mile on Saturday afternoon. Led locally by Silas Winders. But Sully Shelton (GA) will provide a huge challenge to the Henry County native. Shelton was US No. 26 and GA No. 1 last outdoor season when he ran 4:10.58 in the mile.

Winders is seeded second-fastest at 4:12.26. Myles Collins (GA) has a 4:13.26 1600m PB which put him in the top 100 nationally last outdoor season. He'll be in the mix as well.

Jackson Williams, Miles Ally and Kevin Vanderkolk are the other in-state runners who should factor in to the race for top five spots. Evan Allen has a 4:30.09 seed time, but he also made a gigantic jump this past cross country season. He'll be up there too.

This one is going to be really good.

Section 1  Timed Finals
  1  Shelton, Sully                11 Hoya TC             4:10.58 
  2  Winders, Silas                12 Henry County        4:12.26 
  3  Collins, Myles                12 Unattached          4:13.26 
  4  Williams, Jackson             12 Unattached          4:19.68 
  5  Ally, Miles                   11 Unattached          4:20.81 
  6  Betts, Carter                 12 Unattached          4:23.47 
  7  Vanderkolk, Kevin             11 Brentwood Htc       4:24.46 
  8  Harlan, Derek                 11 Unattached          4:25.21 
  9  Lester, Ransom                12 Oakland TC          4:26.40 
 10  Britt, Aiden                  11 Lebanon TC          4:27.24 
 11  Voss, JohnPaul                12 Unattached          4:27.34 
 12  Deaton, Jaden                 9+ Cleats of Fi        4:27.61 
 13  Andersen, Thomas                 St. Louis Wa        4:28.31 
 14  Terry, Jack                   12 Unattached          4:28.49 
 15  Lovelace, Ryan                10 Unattached          4:29.21 
 16  Allen, Evan                   12 Unattached          4:30.09

Girls 200 Meter Dash | 4:20 PM CT | Meet record: 23.96 (Cassondra Hall, 2016)

All four girls in the fast section of the 200 meter dash are seeded with times that would put them in the top ten nationally right now.

This may be the race of the day on the girls side too.

Breanna Miles represents the in-state competition. The Southwind senior is seeded at 23.95. Anything below 24.20 will put her in the top ten nationally. Jadaja Baxter (GA) will run in lane four. She's got a seed time of 23.89 and finished just outside of the top ten in the state of Georgia last outdoor season.

The fastest seed time belongs to Kimberly Harris (GA). She finished 23rd nationally in the 200 meter dash last season and has signed with USC. Outdoors, 24.26 season-best was also 23rd nationally. She'll be in lane five.

On the outside you've got Morgan Snow (VA), who comes in at 23.69. She's US Top 30 right now in the 60 meter dash and will make her season debut on the track at Vanderbilt for 200 meters. Last outdoor season, she was just outside of the top 100 runners nationally for 200 meters.

Section 1  Timed Finals
  3  Miles, Breanna                12 Southwind TC          23.95 
  4  Baxter, Jadaja                18 All Heart             23.89 
  5  Harris, Kimberly              18 Jackrabbit T          23.39 
  6  Snow, Morgan                  18 Mvp League            23.69

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There are so many elite fields and hotly contested races to follow on Saturday.

But there's four just to get you started.

We're looking forward to seeing all of you at Vandy on Saturday! And if you can't make it, be sure to follow us on Twitter (@tnmilesplit) for all of the updates you need to stay up to date.