Coach Ted Talk: Training the Coach!

Like most track coaches, I have a tendency (ego??) to think I know everything there is about Track and Field.  But the fact is I'm always chomping at the bit to get into Track and Field clinics so I can learn more about the sport.  And if I don't have to drive to Dallas or Miami or California or somewhere a little longer than a short hop then I can get really excited about it.  I'm always in the market to learn more about track... and yea, I admit I could learn more (but don't tell anyone I said that).   

This coming January, specifically the 26th and 27th, the inaugural Track and Field Coaches of Tennessee Conference and Clinic kicks off at the Embassy Suites in Franklin Tennessee.  Other than the occasional USATF Level 1 class offered in the state, I believe this might be one of the first more organized TN clinics specifically for Track and Field coaches.  If there were others, I'm not aware or haven't heard of them, so my opinion obviously is unofficial... which I guess you can say about anybody's opinion!  

The Clinic has brought in some extremely talented experts and coaches - local and national - to speak at this conference.  The schedule includes sessions on coaching the high jump, Discus training, pole vault, long and triple, blocks, maximizing speed over the hurdles and even some cross country talk as well.  Actually, the cross country session is called "The complete cross-country cookbook" and so I'm really interested to see what that's all about!  The first session on Saturday is at 8:30am (and there's breakfast at 7:30) and the last wrap up is at 4pm, so it packs in a lot of instruction in a short time but early enough to get home that evening too!  Then of course, about halfway through the Saturday sessions, it's lunch at the Tin Roof 2!  So.... Food and training... Yes... that's agreeable to me for sure!  

I believe that, as a coach, we are always working hard to get our athletes the best possibly training sessions we can.  It's that desire to just want them to succeed and reach their potential.  You also realize that we track coaches make no qualms about stealing other coaches workouts (oops, I mean politely adapting other technical sessions, tips and routines so that we can share this with our own athletes that we know are driving for excellence).  So really, it's reasonable to say we all like to hear what other coaches do for workouts; I'll admit that as well.   What an opportunity for TN coaches across the state to share experiences, network, talk about training, learn things and just hang with people of similar interests.

This clinic isn't designed to change the world, but if you think getting training information and track tips from the likes of Gabor Mate, Chris Wolfe, Todd Williams, Matt Farmer, Jan Pippen, local Olympians Gary Kinder and Tim Mack, and a host of other speakers is something that'll help you be a better coach than you already are, then I'd say register for this clinic.  These are the kinds of things coaches across this state need to do to continue to promote and support the sport we have such passion for... Cross Country and Track & Field.  Hope to see you there!

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Clinic Schedule

Time to get ready for the Track & Field season!

See you on the track... and just maybe at this clinic!

Coach Ted