Matt Sonnenfeldt's Running Journal #2

 Hello again,

       Greatings from San Diego! I am currently writing this blog from the game room at our hotel. Speaking of the hotel. This is the nicest hotel I will probably ever see. Right along the beach, there's an outdoor ice skating rink, outdoor pool and many more. Not to mention its supposively haunted. Room 3227, but that's neither here nor there.
        The flights were good. We flew to dallas first, then went straight to San Diego. In all about six hours. All I could think about on the way over there is how much fun we're going to have. The six hours felt more like 12 to say the least. Once we got to the hotel the fun began. Aside from the free jersey, shorts, warm ups, spikes and shoes, Clint and I walked in to the check in room to find a foosball table, two wiis, guitar hero, mash brothers, and mario chart waiting for us. I went straight into the bag with all my clothes. That was the first of many things i broke. Second was the foosball table where I guess I hit it so hard that my middle scorer broke. After that my game was shot and Clint went on to beat me. But i recovered to beat two other guys, and went on win the championship game against Soloman Haile! 
     All and all the trip has been great so fair. I've met some really cool guys. The south team is the best team you could have. So big shout out to some of the guys i've been hanging out with: C.J Brown, Clint, Kyle Satterwhite, Chase Rathke, Alex Ott, Bill Matthews, Thomas Porter. You guys are awesome!
   As for the race. I am ready for anything that the guys throw at me. I just hope to be in good position by two miles. I don't really like spilling my goals around so that's all I'll give you for now. There are a lot of good guys out here and anyone can win. I will give it my all and rep Tennessee the best I can. 

Matt Sonnenfeldt