Donna S. Tucker Memorial Middle School Invitational 2021

Lafayette, TN

Athlete Entries

Boys 94 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Guevart, Luca Central Magnet Middle School
Bagci, Reagan Cookeville Middle Schools
Abu Halimah, Abdullah Central Magnet Middle School
Binkley, Peyton Smith County Middle School
Freeland, Rocklyn Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Jennings, Cohen Central Magnet Middle School
West, Hudson Red Boiling Springs Middle Schoo
Parker, Billy Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Deinard, Nathan Central Magnet Middle School
Allison, Peyton Tuckers Crossroads
May, Dario Cookeville Middle Schools
Huffines, Brody Red Boiling Springs Middle Schoo
Rich, Morgan Overton County Middle Schools
Phillips, Carson Central Magnet Middle School
Cardenas, Emiliano Cookeville Middle Schools
Powell, Brenton Red Boiling Springs Middle Schoo
Petty, Mason Friendship Christian High School
Clouse, Cash Overton County Middle Schools
Shelton, Carter Central Magnet Middle School
Risher, Ethan Cookeville Middle Schools
Turjan, Logan Macon Co. Junior High
Brackman, Drew Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School
Patterson, Eli Friendship Christian High School
Copeland, Grayson Overton County Middle Schools
Barrett, Brady Central Magnet Middle School
Bennett, Harrison Cookeville Middle Schools
Duggin, Joshua Central Magnet Middle School
Schrimpe, Matthew Friendship Christian High School
Driver, Eli Westmoreland Middle School
Hardin, Oscar Cookeville Middle Schools
Clough, Holden Cookeville Middle Schools
Hogan, Ben Central Magnet Middle School
Minchey, Nicholas Smith County Middle School
Wiley, Noah Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Holt, Hudson Central Magnet Middle School
Galeana, Landyn Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Clark, Will Central Magnet Middle School
Njezic, Maddox Tuckers Crossroads
Detwiler, Levi Cookeville Middle Schools
Cowan, Kaden Red Boiling Springs Middle Schoo
Rich, Maddox Overton County Middle Schools
Mathews, Cole Central Magnet Middle School
Thatcher, Sullivan Cookeville Middle Schools
Halliburton, Jadon Red Boiling Springs Middle Schoo
Parrish, Ezra Friendship Christian High School
Pingel, Jack Central Magnet Middle School
Risher, Ashton Cookeville Middle Schools
Brawner, Landon Macon Co. Junior High
Spain, Kayden Red Boiling Springs Middle Schoo
Douglas, Shepherd Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School
Hayes, Luke Friendship Christian High School
Clouse, Turner Overton County Middle Schools
Trageser, Dexter Central Magnet Middle School
Young, Zane Cookeville Middle Schools
Wix, Troy Macon Co. Junior High
Bock, Hudsen Central Magnet Middle School
Schiro, Kaden Friendship Christian High School
Collins, Bo Overton County Middle Schools
Daniels, Deacon Cookeville Middle Schools
Evans, Sawyer Central Magnet Middle School
Schrimpe, Sam Friendship Christian High School
Graves, Gavin Westmoreland Middle School
Kennedy, Lane Cookeville Middle Schools
Groesbeck, Evan 12:44.14 Macon Co. Junior High
Clopton, Jase 12:52.07 Cookeville Middle Schools
Rohman, Ben 13:00.32 Cookeville Middle Schools
Leftrick, Brayden 13:29.50 Macon Co. Junior High
Rohman, Joseph 13:35.32 Cookeville Middle Schools
Parkison, Levi 13:36.07 Cookeville Middle Schools
Willis, Gage 13:52.96 Macon Co. Junior High
Hesson, Baylon 14:00.96 Macon Co. Junior High
Reavis, Benson 14:11.36 Central Magnet Middle School
Broomfield, Braden 14:38.00 Friendship Christian High School
Presley, Caden 14:46.10 Macon Co. Junior High
Bowman, Pilot 15:24.30 Overton County Middle Schools
Kirby, Kyson 15:35.46 Macon Co. Junior High
Striepling, Ellis 15:40.16 Central Magnet Middle School
Eakles, Jacob 16:09.46 Macon Co. Junior High
Blackmon, Brody 16:22.40 Cookeville Middle Schools
Hall, Levi 16:25.20 Cookeville Middle Schools
Espenshade, Seth 16:26.22 Friendship Christian High School
Morgan, Collin 16:39.96 Macon Co. Junior High
Hamlet, Tyler 16:47.00 Cookeville Middle Schools
Kleinlein, Ross 16:51.37 Central Magnet Middle School
Alvis, Ryan 17:29.67 Macon Co. Junior High
Collins, Ajay 18:02.00 Overton County Middle Schools
Sanders, Joel 18:12.70 Overton County Middle Schools
Hubbell, Jaden 18:39.02 Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Jefcoat, Logan 19:37.60 Cookeville Middle Schools
Miller, Dakota 19:58.40 Overton County Middle Schools
Dyal, James 20:23.40 Carroll Oakland School
Robinson, Jonathan 21:05.50 Smith County Middle School
Griffin, Mckay 22:30.00 Cookeville Middle Schools
Fielding, Zachary 24:00.00 Carroll Oakland School
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Girls 58 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Burrows, Myah Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Ralston, Colleena Tuckers Crossroads
Cole , Maebri Central Magnet Middle School
Granstaff, Madison Tuckers Crossroads
Richards, Analyn Central Magnet Middle School
Illobre, Greenlee Friendship Christian High School
Matthews, Madalyn Cookeville Middle Schools
Striepling, Lainey Central Magnet Middle School
Grady, Olivia Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School
Abril, Rowan Cookeville Middle Schools
scrimage, ruby Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School
Hodge, Addelyn Cookeville Middle Schools
Will, Abigail Cookeville Middle Schools
Haynes, Izzy Carroll Oakland School
Whittemore, Addison Macon Co. Junior High
Osborne, Chloe Macon Co. Junior High
Lee, Breanna Smith County Middle School
Stinson, Sophie Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Chabot, Odessa Central Magnet Middle School
Blakely, Raven Overton County Middle Schools
Gambrell, Gloriana Tuckers Crossroads
McCasland, Georgia Central Magnet Middle School
Willis, Haley Red Boiling Springs Middle Schoo
Staggs, Reese Friendship Christian High School
Boutillette, Stella Cookeville Middle Schools
Seay, Anna Central Magnet Middle School
Abril, Racquelle Cookeville Middle Schools
Wegmeyer, Keila Central Magnet Middle School
Rushing, Hailey Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School
Hardin, Elena Cookeville Middle Schools
Wesley, Ava Cookeville Middle Schools
Knight, Emma Carroll Oakland School
Reagan, Briley 13:55.32 Overton County Middle Schools
Zubkus, Catherine 14:08.40 Central Magnet Middle School
Ziegler, Rowan 15:14.18 Cookeville Middle Schools
Clark, Audrey 15:52.50 Overton County Middle Schools
Patterson, Ashtyn 16:00.10 Central Magnet Middle School
Cook, Emma 16:00.82 Cookeville Middle Schools
Holt, Sheyene 16:15.73 Cookeville Middle Schools
Cooper, Allison 16:17.57 Overton County Middle Schools
Collins, Reese 16:19.60 Overton County Middle Schools
Shearer, Taylor 16:37.49 Cookeville Middle Schools
Green, Sydney 16:44.32 Macon Co. Junior High
Sanders, Molly 17:11.00 Overton County Middle Schools
Fox, Hadley 17:15.48 Cookeville Middle Schools
Clouse, Harper 17:16.80 Overton County Middle Schools
Modrall, Lily 18:24.73 Cookeville Middle Schools
Sloan, Madeleine 18:36.40 Friendship Christian High School
Jaquish, Brylee 18:36.74 Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Truelove, Chloe 18:48.40 Whitworth-Buchanan Middle School
Collins, Jaycee 18:57.95 Overton County Middle Schools
Clark, Ansley 19:39.20 Overton County Middle Schools
Alexander, Summer 20:00.00 Macon Co. Junior High
Davis, Olivia 20:00.00 Carroll Oakland School
Ward, Taylor 21:35.40 Macon Co. Junior High
Sisco, Addison 22:27.82 Carroll Oakland School
McMindes, Kyna 23:05.10 Smith County Middle School
Parkison, Lyla 23:36.30 Cookeville Middle Schools
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Mixed 69 entries

Athlete Seed Team
Patterson, Madeline Friendship Christian High School
Street, Oliver Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Allison, Mason Tuckers Crossroads
Carter, Lucas Macon County Elementary School
Wood, Isaac Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Illobre, Rowan Friendship Christian High School
Law, Brayley Macon County Elementary School
Thompson, Aaliyah Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Sewell, Jaylyn Macon County Elementary School
Carter, Kaelyn Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Rose, Callie Macon County Elementary School
Parker, Samantha Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Russell, Bella Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Newberry, Conner Macon County Elementary School
Kemp, Jayden Macon County Elementary School
Dragan, Joseph Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Cowan, Emberly Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Sadler, Easton Macon County Elementary School
Barlow, Colten Macon County Elementary School
Gray, Addilyn Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
West, Nathaniel Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Jenkins, Keira Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Centers, Makenna Macon County Elementary School
Wesson, Autumn Smith County Middle School
Hughes, Hunter Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Shirley, Levi Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Greer, Kaeden Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Nash, Isabelle Macon County Elementary School
McDonald, Haley Smith County Middle School
Mull, Makenlei Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Goad, Grayson Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Jennings, Sydney
Gregory, Korbyn Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Andrews, Taegon Tuckers Crossroads
Halcomb, Bentley Macon County Elementary School
Street, Kassie Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Singletary, Mercer Tuckers Crossroads
Kirby, Kaylee Macon County Elementary School
Boyle, Layla Friendship Christian High School
Denson, Grayson Tuckers Crossroads
Bandy, Olivia Macon County Elementary School
Barnes, Addisyn Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Brown, Tanner Friendship Christian High School
Dickens, James Macon County Elementary School
Barrett, Carleigh Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Doss, Haven Macon County Elementary School
Sexton, GaryAnn Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Meador, Ace Macon County Elementary School
Kemp, Lydia Macon County Elementary School
Lockwood, Addison Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Barton, Sadie Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Tuck, Luke Macon County Elementary School
Oldham, Jerico Macon County Elementary School
Jordan, Caleb Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Ford, Remi Red Boiling Springs Elementary
West, Kaybri Macon County Elementary School
Rose, Cooper Macon County Elementary School
Harrington, Bristol Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
West, Carter Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Cowan, Glynlee Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Sircy, Grace Marie Macon County Elementary School
Powell, Braylen Smith County Middle School
Adams, Miller Southside Elementary/Middle Scho
Williams, Jaylie Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Likens, Zachariah Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Presley, Landon Macon County Elementary School
Robinson, Jordan Smith County Middle School
Gentry, Zoie Red Boiling Springs Elementary
Petty, Mason Friendship Christian High School
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