Donna S. Tucker Memorial Middle School Invitational 2018

Lafayette, TN

Meet Information


Course Walk-through 7:00

Girls Varsity Race (2 miles, 7 runners per team) 8:00

Boys Varsity Race (2 miles, 7 runners per team) 8:30

*Combined Elementary School Race (1 mile, no limit) 9:00

Combined Middle School JV Race (2 miles, remaining runners) 9:15

Awards Presentation 10:00


Middle School Varsity

Trophies Top 3 Teams

Trophies Top 10 Finishers

10 Medals 11th-20th Places

Junior Varsity

5 Medals Top 5 Finishers

5 Ribbons 6th-10th Places

Elementary School

Plaque Top 2 teams (each gender)

5 Medals Top 5 (each gender)

5 Ribbons 6th-10th Places

Meet is sponsored by Daniel and J.D. Tucker. It is held in memory of a contributor to the Macon County programs, who lost her life in August 2009. All proceeds go to the Macon County Junior High Cross Country Program.

$5 per athlete (less than 5 runners) $25 per team (5 or more runners); If you pay for a varsity team, there is no charge for JV.

Payments : It is preferred that checks be sent prior to the meet; however, we will accept checks the day of the meet. Please make checks payable to: Macon County Junior High School (mail to Coach Andy Davis, Macon County High School, P.O. Box 338, Lafayette, TN 37083).

We will use bibs for this race. Please register by 11:59 p.m. Wednesday, August 29. Questions concerning the meet may be sent to Andy Davis ( ).

* If we have a large number of Elementary Runners, we may have to split the race. If so, Girls will run at 9:00; Boys will run at 9:20; Combined Middle School JV will run at 9:40; and Awards will be at 10:15.

Registration help:


Middle or Elementary School Coaches,

If your team is not listed on this list ->

Please send me an email with the following information so I can get it added ->

School name

School's Street address, city & zip code

School phone #

web address (if you have it.)

Please do this ASAP because it will take time to get them in the database.

Thank you

Jasen Parks