Nineteen State Meet Records Fall At 2024 TMSAA Championships

In total, five teams in Boys Class A 4x200m Relay ran under the record set a year ago by Jere Whitson: East Nashville, Head Middle, Dupont-Hadley, MSSA, with Dalewood taking the victory at 1:34.44.

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Expanding The Map

When I created the article last week announcing the qualifiers, I misspoke when I said "no major area joined this season." In 2022, Williamson County joined, in 2023 Davidson County, but as it turns out, this spring was Hamilton County's (Chattanooga) first season participating in TMSAA sanctioned events and their impact was felt immediately. The Dalewood boys set three Class A meet records en route to claiming the Class A title but they weren't alone. A total of nineteen meet records fell on Saturday in Clarksville with multiple athletes, runners, or teams under the previous mark in some events. While I thought the thirteen records set in 2023 were an outlier, as the map of participating schools in the TMSAA continues to expand, so does the level of competition and if the location of champions from Saturday is any indicator, high level track and field is starting at an early age in every corner of Tennessee. 

Team Champions

Here's a rundown of all the records: 

In The Field