WATCH: Areheart Runs TN #2 All-Time 800m At Eastern Indoors


Carolina Areheart must love running in Louisville. Prior to this indoor season, the Webb School of Knoxville/Cosey Elite sophomore had not yet broken the five minute barrier for a mile and had only run under 2:20 for the 800m a couple of times indoors or out. After just one month and a week of 2024, she now sits #4 All-Time in the indoor one mile and #2 All-Time in the 800m with both marks posted on separate weekends at Norton Healthcare Sports & Learning Center in Kentucky. Here's her progression in these events since entering high school: 

Circa 2024

2024 Opener










Girls Indoor 800m All-Time List

Areheart sits only behind Rhavean King of Ridgeway who set the top mark of 2:12.13 in 2012. Not that it needs pointing out, but she's is less than half a second from breaking that. With state two weeks out and national events even further out, it's likely she'll have multiple chances to shave off the little bit she needs to set the record this indoor season. 

From an editors perspective, there are two things that I'm looking at further down the timeline: 

  1. The 4x800m record that was just set after four decades by Centennial last year is in serious jeopardy. 
  2. Would Areheart and Stegall ever race this distance? 

One of those seems more likely than the other but they're both something to monitor as we turn page over from indoor to out in a month from now.