What's On Your Runner's 2023 Christmas List This Year?

Your 'Runner' Christmas List 2023 Edition

For any one still shopping for that runner in their life, earlier this week we asked our Instragram followers "What's on your running wish list this year?" 

Here is a collection of those responses categorized for your convenience. 

*Note: This is not an endorsement of any particular brand or product. The following is word for word user submitted. 


Vaporfly 3's - @tynan_borders

New Dragonfly Spikes- @mitchell_chaffin24, @nathan_stevens8, @rowanstolle_8, @jack.wallace13, 

Alphafly 3's - @Bryce_a08, @sir_ian_etheridge

Nike Invincible 3's - @jdrutig_jr

Track Spikes (I lost mine again) - @theunreliableone)

Brooks Hyperion Tempo - @ryanjandro

Nike Victories - @ygbraylon


BYU Split Shorts - @kevin_rocha2027

Chicken leg shorts - @stegall_keira, @jazzrunzz, @jacie.begley

BOA Running Shorts - @jacie.begley

Socks - @swaggyvince, @keller.leggett

running hats - @oliver.d.fink

Nike pro spandex - @kaylaarick

Nike Aeroswift Shorts - @cecebyarsj

Nike Arm sleeves - @zoewilliamson28, @vinny_peck (for the drip)

Swiftwick Socks - @addi.greene

Recovery & Technology

Normatech boots - @zoerayne7

New Garmin Watch - @gabyb.77, @thecasendavis, @asa_bree10

Roll Recovery - @brockwilhjelm

Firefly Recovery Devices - @eliza_everett07, @jacobmeucci19

Massage Gun - @ashshell29, @abi_christina07

Things Money Can't Buy

A new foot 

Top 10 Finish at Footlocker 

Injury Free Season

9:00 (3200m)

Luke Thompson

Lex and Leo

New Knees

Parker Valby


The Greatest Gift Of All

A MileSplit Pro Membership