Coaches Needed As Voters For Cross Country Coach's Poll

MileSplit TN Cross Country Coach's Poll

Since taking over as editor, I've tried to avoid subjective rankings as much as possible. There are enough analytical and statistical tools the site offers that allow me to pretty much report on the sports we cover without having to inject any personal biases. That said, last season I was approached by a coach who expressed interest in us organizing a poll like this. Most other sports have these or "writers polls" and after thinking it over, I feel this is a good way to offer readers this type of coverage while also washing my hands of the responsibility of doing so by relying on Tennessee Cross Country Coaches to do it for me. So if you are interested in voting in the poll throughout the season, please click the link below to fill out the form with your information. If you've were a voter last season, no need to fill out again. Thank you in advance.

Coach's Poll Intake Form