2022 Storyline: Who Will Emerge As The Best Boys Team?

Instagram Predictions

On July 13th, we posted a story on our Instagram page that simply asked followers "What is your prediction for the 2022 Cross County season?" After one day we received over 70 responses with more coming in. From now until the first gun fires, we'll analyze some of those predictions to help us prepare for the upcoming 2022 season. 

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Prediction: D-II Will Have The State's Best Boys Team

As stated last week, D-II AA Girls had the most predictions submitted of any division. Now there were a lot of boys team predictions as well, but they were straddled across D-I AAA and D-II AA. 

"Farragut boys state champs" 

"McCallie 4 peat" 

"Brentwood Academy for the easy W"

"Farragut wins state" 

"Brentwood boys on top"

"HVA 3 peat" 

For me, the story isn't so much who wins state in each division as much as it is can Division II definitively have the best boys team in the state? For the last two seasons, Hardin Valley has claimed that crown, for the three season's before that it was Siegel, and before that up to 2010 it was Brentwood and Daniel Boone. The 2018 Brentwood Academy team has a pretty good argument for that season but the key word is definitive. According to the coaches who I bounce these types of questions off of, it would've been a good race and a toss up at best had the 2018 BA and Siegel teams raced in a head to head matchup. Ultimately this is to say, it doesn't happen very often and outside of 2018, no has a private school been able to claim this designation dating back to 2010 but that may change this season. 

In 2018, Brentwood Academy placed 1, 2, 3, 4 and 7th en route to a state title and an near perfect 17 points.