Must See Races From The 2022 TMSAA State Championship

Just In Time

Boys Class AA 4x400m Heat 1

Throughout most of the day, the temperature was pretty uncomfortable in Franklin on Saturday. I believe Nashville set a new record high but as most people say, if you don't like the weather, wait a couple of hours. The cold front that delivered snow to Denver on Thursday causing their High School State Meet to be postponed arrived midway through the second to last race of the day on Saturday. At the 30 second mark of the video below, you can see the Bellevue tent in the far stands upright and sturdy. By the time the camera panned back at the 2:23 mark, the tent is in the process of hastily being taken down. The wind that was blowing for the entire down from the south suddenly and forcefully turned on a dime to blow very hard from the north. 

The final moments of the meet were intense. We moved our tripod down from the birds nest in between heats and filmed the final race from inside the press box out of caution. Coaches were being called to the collect their trophies from the awards tent without a photo op but rather instructions to leave the stadium as quickly as possible. Ultimately, if you were able to get to your car within 15 minutes of the final runner crossing the finish line, you likely stayed dry. 

If you've looked at the forecast for this week, we may not be so lucky for the high school competition. Chances of rain are 35% Tuesday, 71% Wednesday, 82% Thursday. Hopefully we can still have a great competition in spite of what Mother Nature throws at us. Fingers crossed.