Meet Preview: 33rd Annual Frank Horton Invitational

Frank Horton Invitational

Last year was my first experience with the Frank Horton Invitational. It was actually the first time I've spent any time in Memphis at all. Had it not been for the pandemic and the limited number of meets in Middle Tennessee I could cover as a contributor, I probably would've never made the trek to Shelby Farms Park to begin with but I'm glad I did. Even in a year where entries were limited, attending teams were registered as clubs, and the crowds were confined to one little space by the finish rather than distance themselves around the course to cheer on their runners because of the science, it was hard to pinpoint another cross country atmosphere better than Horton including the state meet. So with that said, I'm very much looking forward to covering the race again this year with a full slate of teams. Of those teams competing here are a few things I'm looking for on Friday Night from them and some of their runners. 

  • How strong is the Collierville pack of girls? 
  • Can Braese win after placing placing 2nd last season? 
  • How will Daniel McGuire compete with the likes of McNair and Douglas? 
  • Can the Houston boys continue their win streak against Bartlett minus Hays Adams?

On that last note, to help preview Saturday's meet is Houston's #2 runner Robert Randall

Robert Randall ran 15:55 at Southern Showcase last weekend and helped secure a 3rd place finish for Houston in the Championship Division.

See y'all on Friday.