Week 2 Highlights: Voyles, Coleman Midgett, Freshmen Shine

How it started...

In May of this year, we reported from the TMSAA Middle School State Track and Field championships. It was our first time attending this relatively new championship and I'm glad we did. The organization, energy, and enthusiasm for the meet was more than expected. I stated in an article 

published from that meet that "the standouts at this state meet become the stars of THE state meet starting tomorrow."

This remains true as well when it comes the course also. Prior to becoming the editor I was previously just a contributor and in 2018 I attended the TMSAA State Cross Country Championships. From that meet I shot these interviews that, from the results of this weekend, are still relevant.

Autumn Headrick of John Sevier Middle School won the Class AA title with a time of 13:10.

Jackson Martin won the Class A state title with a time of 11:53.

Spencer Hyde placed 4th in the Class AA division leading the Mt. Juliet Bears to a team title. 

How it's going... 

Autumn Headrick won the Run for the Hills (which is an understatement from what I've been told about the course) with a time of 20:00 gapping the field by 24 seconds.

Jackson Martin won the Voyles Classic with a time of 16:06 after a spring hiatus from track and field.

Spencer Hyde was the 3rd sophomore across the finish line and first for the Hawks at Voyles leading Green Hill to a runner up finish in the AAA Division in the process.

So again, if in the past, you haven't been paying attention to the results of the TMSAA State Meet, you should start.