Watch: Tennessee Athletes Shine at AAU Junior Olympics

AAU Junior Olympics

Eriyanna Reed runs a 2:17 800m

As stated on the previous page, do I think Eriyanna Reed, or anyone for that matter, attempts the 400m/800m double? No. So why is this run worth noting? Because Reed's 2:17.33 would've beaten Rayl's 2:17.88, Lane's 2:18.61, and been right on the heels of Bost's 2:17.02... All of which were state champion winning times from a couple of months ago. In the past, Reed has focused solely on the 400m which paid off in May with a victory but in looking at how much she has dabbled distances shorter than that this summer. She threw on a couple of 100m dashes and a few more 200m dashes so I feel as though she may be ramping up for a speedier senior season and with possibly two races on her plate. Something to monitor when indoor rolls around.