Week 7 Highlights: Great Eight, Section 2, SCIAA

One True Champion?

Prior to becoming the editor earlier this year, I was just a freelance contributor to the website and if you kept up with my writing, I've very much been in favor of MORE classes and not less. "If Division I Football has 6 why does track only have 2?" and "Why is a school of 700 competing against Bartlett High School who has 2700?" Those sorts of things. After Tuesday night, I'm starting to waver on that platform.

The Great Eight Invitational is a small-scale example of how a theoretical single class state meet that features the best athletes regardless of classification or division can be an incredible event with success at all levels. After the dust settled at Harpeth Hall, every class and division took home victories.

Small Division-I saw Pearl-Cohn light the track on fire. Division II Class A had individual event victories in the Boys 1600m (Connor Henson) and Girls 800m (Aubrey Lane). Ensworth and Brentwood led the way in the largest divisions with multiple victories in multiple events as well.