MEET INFO: 2020 Music City Distance Carnival

MCDC is here! And it'll be broadcasted LIVE tomorrow night on YouTube from Lipscomb Academy.

We'll drop the link right here before the meet starts.

The only fans allowed are agents, coaches and parents of minors running in the meet.

So you'll have to stay tuned right here and on the livestream to watch this year's races.

Here's the full info.

Venue: Lipscomb Academy 


  • 5:30pm: Men's Masters Mile
  • 5:45pm: Women's Masters Mile
  • 6:35pm: Women's 800m B
  • 7:00pm: Men's 800m
  • 7:30pm: Women's 800m
  • 7:50pm: Men's Mile
  • 8:15pm: Men's 1500m
  • 8:35pm: Women's 1500m
  • 9:00pm: Men's 5000m 
  • 9:30pm: Women's 5000m
  • 10:15pm: HS Boys 3200
  • 10:30pm: HS Girls 3200

Stay tuned for the broadcast link tomorrow night!