MCDC 2020: Check Out These Average Pro Entries...

The Music City Distance Carnival is going to look a little different this year.

But the pro entries are insane...

We're already excited.

According to @RunMCDC on Twitter, there are 20 Olympians, four reigning US Champions and three current US record holders slated to race in Nashville next month.

There are going to be a couple of big pro/high school meets this August, starting with the Distance Carnival in August. The Murphey Classic will take place the following week in Memphis, and should provide us with some outstanding pro performances on Tennessee soil again as well.

As we reported a few weeks ago, MCDC is going to look like a different meet this year.

There will be some outstanding pros coming to the 615 to race, but there obviously won't be a fan presence there this time.

And there's a high school component coming to the meet too.

We'll keep you updated as specific athletes announce that they're coming. But early indications are that this meet is going to be HUGE.