John Sharpe's NIN Journal #2

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 Nike Indoor Nationals was everything I imagined it to be and then some. It was without a doubt the greatest track meet, indoor or outdoor, that I have ever raced in. The only complaint I had about the meet was the fact that I was scheduled to race at 7:45 in the morning.
    I woke up at 5 on Saturday morning, and I have to admit when I first woke up I had no desire to run a 2 mile race. We drove over to the meet with Melanie and Coach Etheridge and we arrived at the Reggie Lewis Center at 6; we were the first athletes there! It was a little tough to figure out how to warm up because after you checked in a half hour before your race they wouldn't let you leave the gym area. I jogged for about ten to twelve minutes with Clint before checking in. After getting my hip number, I snuck out of the gym so I could do my 2x200 hard. We then stood around a little besdie the track while the second heat of the girls was finishing, so I got in a few extra strides and drills. 
    I was in the first heat of the guys section, which is the slowest. The first part of the race was very hectic; i was out in about 36 for the first 200 and then 219 for the 800. I went to the lead 3 laps into the race and kept trying to make a move to pick up the pace cause we were slow through the mile, 4:45. I couldn't ever pick it up enough, but I held the lead until 3 laps to go; I lead a total of 10 laps. I had a great finishing kick for me and ran 939 for the full 2 miles, two seconds off my pr.
    Overall I was a little disappointed with my race because I wanted a pr, but I will use this race as a learning experience so hopefully I can continue to improve a lot. Congratulations to Melanie, Clint, and Matt in their races! Thanks again Jasen for asking me to do this, I am very honored.

                                                 John Sharpe

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