44th Volunteer Track Classic Updated Information

1. We have posted a revised time schedule: http://www.ktcyouthathletics.org/RevisedTImeSched.html
This schedule will give you and your athletes / parents a more defined time for the start times of events previously listed on a rolling schedule. We also made minor adjustments to the Friday running schedule. Remember section vs time races will run slow to fast. Make sure your athletes report on a timely basis since we will do final seeding "on the deck" in the clerks area. Reporting late may result in your athletes having to be placed in a slower section.
2. Performance lists will be posted by 5PM this evening and can be accessed via links off of the following page:http://www.ktcyouthathletics.org/voloutdoortrackclassic.html  Please do not request revision of marks at this time - declarations are closed and mark revisions will not be accepted.
3. Recreation fields adjacent to Tom Black track will not be utilized for warm ups. Running warm-ups must be done off the track. We will make accommodations for hurdle warm ups in the area located past the first turn by the equipment blockhouse. Field event warm-ups will take place at the field event venue. You may not warm up for field events without an official present at the venue. Please inform your athletes of these warm up policies.
4. Blocks and Implements will be provided by meet management. No specific spike restrictions -- this is a Recortan track.
5. Coaches of athletes in 1M and 2M races -- remember initial results posted will be for the full 1M and 2M distances -- this so awards can be distributed -- FAT 1600 and 3200 splits will have to added manually after the event and will be re posted -- final results for these events with splits will be posted on the Internet in the event any state record is broken.
6. Remember results on the scoreboard are not official -- final official results will be posted in the HPER (Behind the Press Box) breezeway. We will post one copy only. Those who choose to remove results will prevent the rest of you from getting results. Please help self police this recurring problem.
7. Awards must be picked up on the day of the meet. Meet management will not mail or ship awards that are not claimed on meet day.
8. Mark your calendars early for the next Volunteer Series Event: 2007 Volunteer Cross Country Invitational - 9/29/07 - Victor Ashe Park