It’s not easy being a High School Track coach, but it can be.

Photo by RunDC (User Uploaded)

Have you ever watched a child play?  They’ll run as fast as they can for as long as they can, usually for just a few seconds, but then they’ll do it over and over and over and over again.  They’ll throw things, sometimes at you, but still, they throw things – anything.  They’ll jump around or over anything in their way and if there’s nothing exciting to jump over, they’ll make something up and then jump over that.  Excuse the pun, but that’s Track & Field in its infancy.  But as those interests focus on other sports, those fundamental movements tend to migrate towards the mechanics needed to excel at those other sports.  The execution of the simple “run” is eclipsed by the various agility and other movements needed to perfect other activities.  The training – the coaching – of how to simply run becomes secondary to teaching the skills of a specific sport.  So in track & field events, and not counting the throwing events specifically, the basic competency needed to excel is the simple skill to run with swift efficiency. 


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