Houston Track & Field Classic- 2020 Cancelled 2020

Germantown, TN

Meet Information

27th Annual Houston Track & Field Classic

April 17th - 18th 2020

Houston High School - Germantown, TN

Team/Coach Directions


Coaches and athletes get real time results as races finish!!!

Awards Medals to the top three places, including relay members. Trophies to the top 2 teams (boys and girls). Special awards to the outstanding individuals (boys and girls) and a single outstanding performance of the meet.

Entry Fee-

The entry fee is $125 per boys team and $125 per girls team.

Individuals are $15 per person, up to 6 athletes, otherwise team fee will apply.

Make checks payable to Houston Track Booster Club with Track Classic Entry Fee written on the memo line. You may also make the check to Houston High School if your district requires a check made to a school. Entry fees can be mailed to:

Houston High School

c/o Monica Thomas

7955 Wolf River Blvd

Germantown, TN 38139

Varsity Entry Limitations: Each team will be allowed a maximum of three (3) entries in each individual event and one (1) entry in each relay event. We will follow TSSAA rules. A contestant shall not be entered in more than four (4) events, excluding relays. A contestant shall not compete in more than four (4) events, including relays.

JV Entry Limitations- 100/400/SHOT/LJ/PV/1600- 3 entries


JV 4x100 and JV 4x800- will race Saturday- 1 entry limit

Unified Entry Limitations- Each team will be allowed a maximum of five (5) entries in each Unified event.

Varsity Entry Limitations- 3 for all events, 1 for relay teams.

Qualifying Standards THERE ARE NO QUALIFYING STANDARDS. All heats will be seeded according to times given. Coaches CAN NOT override times. Coaches can email Coach Thomas if a different seed time/mark is needed. monica.thomas@gmsdk12.org

Field Events: All field events will be finals. Horizontal events (Throws, LJ, TJ) will receive 4 attempts.


All first attempts will be measured.

Shot- G-28', B-38'

Discus- G-75', B-100'

LJ- G-15', B-18'

TJ- G-27', B-35'

HJ- G-4'4", B-4'10" starting heights

PV- 8' Girls, 10' Boys starting heights

Unified Events- we are excited to announce the addition of Unified Track to the Houston Classic. Special needs students from several local schools will have the opportunity of competing along-side their fellow student athletes in the following events: shot, long jump, 100M dash, 4x100M relay. Please visit the following website to learn more about this wonderful cause.www.playunified.org/about#whatisunifiedIf your school is interested in the Unified Events, you must contact Coach Thomas- monica.thomas@gmsdk12.org

Entry Deadline: All entries are due no later than Wednesday, April 15th noon. You will need to register online at Houston ClassicRegistration obligates your payment of the entry fee.

Event Check In-

Field events will check in at the event location. You must check in 30 minutes before the event to prevent being scratched.

Running events-

Runners will check in for their race at the start line of their race. Heats will be made Thursday April 11th. Once heat have been made we can not add runners. Heats will be formed fast to slow based on seed time. It is imperative coaches assist their runners to not miss their race.

There is no coaches meeting.

Hospitality-A hospitality room for coaches and sponsors will be provided. The location will be in the Varsity Gym office. Please use the South entrance. Food by the Germantown BBQ Commissary.

Admission fee $7 per day

Meet Time Schedule

Friday, April 17th, 2020

4:30PM- all races are section vs time, girls race first.

Friday Running Events:

Varsity DMR(1200, 400, 800, 1600)



Varsity SMR(100-100-200-400)


Varsity 3200

Friday Field Events 4:30PM:

JV Long Jump- Runway 1 for girls, runway 2 for boys- no min mark

JV Shot- Girls first, boys will follow- no min mark

JV Pole Vault- Girls and boys- 5' Girls, 6' boys starting heights.

Varsity High Jump- boys only- 4'10" opening height


Varsity Triple Jump- Girls runway 1, Boys runway 2- (27' Girls, 35' Boys min mark)

Saturday,April 18th, 2020

RUNNING FINALS- section vs time

11:00 AM start- fastest heat will race first. Girls followed by boys. Rolling Schedule

4x800 Relay- Varsity

4x800 Relay- JV

100/110 Hurdles

100M Dash

Unified 100M Dash

4x200 Relay

1600M Run

4x100 Relay- Varsity

4x100 Relay- JV

Unified 4x100 Relay

400M Dash

300M Hurdles

800M Run

200M Dash

4x400 Relay

Field Events

9AM Start

Varsity Shot Put- Girls first (Boys will follow after Discus) (G-28', B-38' min mark)

Varsity Long Jump- Girls and Boys-same time (G-15', B-18' min mark)

High Jump- Girls only (opening height 4'4")

Discus- Boys first followed by girls (B-100', G-75" min mark)

Pole Vault- Varsity girls 8' starting height, boys to follow (around 10:00AM) 10' opening height.


Unified Long Jump- Girls first, boys to follow.

UnifiedShot- Girls first, boys will follow

Meet Records


SHOT PUT- 58-2 -Gibbs -BARTLETT- 2002

TRIPLE JUMP- 48-10 -Gray- BOLTON- 2014

POLE VAULT- 15-5- Kendricks- OXFORD- 2011* (2016 USA Rio Olympic team)

DISCUS-171-10 -Harrison- HOUSTON- 2012

LONG JUMP- 23-6- Lay- CBHS- 2018

HIGH JUMP- 6-10- McEwen- OXFORD-2015

DMR-4000M-10:25.88- MOUNTAIN BROOK- 2016

SMR-800M-1:31.95- SOUTHWIND- 2012

110M HURDLES- 14:37- WARE -L.R. PARKVIEW- 2004

4X100M RELAY- 41.82- SOUTHWIND- 2012

4X800M RELAY- 8:07.82- ECS- 2000

100M DASH- 10.75- Webb- OXFORD- 2016

1600M RUN- 4:14.54- Sorrell- BOLTON- 2006

4X200M RELAY-1:27.52- CORDOVA- 2017

400M DASH- 48.10- Orange- MUS- 2015

300M HURDLES- 37.73- Harris- CORDOVA- 2005

800M RUN-1:53.44- Gilreath- BARTLETT- 2006

200M DASH- 21.65 Yarbrough- MILLINGTON- 2003

3200M RUN- 9:11.27 Sorrell- BOLTON- 2005

4X400M RELAY- 3:19.14- MUS- 2015


SHOT PUT- 42-2.5- Smith- HUTCHISON- 2002

TRIPLE JUMP- 38-10- Woods- CRAIGMONT- 2013

POLE VAULT- 12-7 -Pitts- HUTCHISON- 2013

DISCUS-150-10- Farmen- WHITEHAVEN- 1994

LONG JUMP- 18-11- Kelly- NORTHEAST- 2014

HIGH JUMP- 5-10- Merriweather- BARTLETT- 2005

DMR-4000M-12:27.80- HOUSTON- 2015

SMR-800M- 1:46.92- Southwind- 2018

100M HURDLES- 14.14- Lightfoot- SOUTHWIND- 2016

4X100M RELAY- 48.18- WHITEHAVEN- 2016

4X800M RELAY- 9:46.38- SAINT AGNES- 2012

100M DASH- 11.90- McCoy- WHITEHAVEN- 2014

1600M RUN- 5:06.30- Baran- HOUSTON- 2016

4X200M RELAY-1:41.38- CORDOVA-2017

400M DASH- 55.80- Collier-CORDOVA-2017

300M HURDLES- 44.42- Long- WHITE STATION-2017

800M RUN 2:13.55- King- RIDGEWAY- 2011

200M DASH- 24.36- McCoy- WHITEHAVEN- 2014

3200M RUN- 11:08.32- Van Wyhe- COLLIERVILLE- 2006

4X400M RELAY- 3:56.01- Southwind- 2018