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You are invited to participate in the 2018 Hoka Postal Nationals Flagship Event held in conjunction with the Ed Murphey Memphis Mile at Christian Brothers High School.

Below is the link to the Hoka Postal Website if you want to learn more about it and its history.


Learn more about theEd Murphey Memphis Mileand theONLY professional track event in Memphis!!

Memphis's FIRST sub 4 minute mile CLICK HERE

Events Schedule:


  • Elementary/Middle School Milers 6:00 pm start (See the rolling schedule below)


  • High School races 6:00 pm start (See the rolling schedule below)
  • Elite Women's Mile 9:00 pm
  • Elite Men's Mile 9:15 pm

*Please note that if we get a chance to get ahead of the schedule we will do so.

Tentative Time Schedule (20 minute policy in effect & this is a rolling schedule):

6:00 pm Start - This is a time seeded event that ends with the fasted sections.

*The forecast for the high temperature on Saturday is 90. If the heat index gets above TSSAA guidelines, we will delay the start of the meet. Also, please do not put kids in the race who are not smart enough to stop prior to suffering heat exhaustion or dehydration. Between now and then, teach your runners what the symptoms of heat exhaustion and dehydration are. There is a time to go against what the body says. The Jamboree is not that time. Save it for November.

Boys I Heat

Boys H Heat

Boys G Heat

Girls F Heat

Boys F Heat

Girls E Heat

Boys E Heat

Girls D Heat

Boys D Heat

Girls C Heat

Boys C Heat

Girls B Heat

Boys B Heat

Girls A Heat

Boys A Heat

Concessions will be available.

Depending on the number of entries we may add or subtract heats. Each heat will contain a max of 35 runners.

Timed by Memphis Youth Athletics

For information contact Nick Dwyer (ndwyer@cbhs.org)