MileSplit TN Coaches' Poll: Girl's Top 10 As Of Sept. 5th

Girls Team Rankings: September 5th Update

After one month of the season, voters were provided with the Top 15 teams based our composite rankings feature PLUS any team that was ranked in the Top 10 of our preseason rankings to allow voters to select any team that may not have debuted in the 5000m distance yet. Voters were asked to rank the top ten in order. Teams were awarded points based on votes then divided by the number of voters to provide a rating index. Much like the BCS Rankings from college football, 1.000 would be considered a perfect team rating meaning every voter ranked your team number one. Here are the rankings based off those results. In parentheses is the team's previous ranking. NR = Not Ranked 



Rating Index

1 (2)

Brentwood High School

2 (3)

Harpeth Hall

3 (NR)

Hardin Valley Academy

4 (6)

Signal Mountain High School

5 (1) 

Webb School Of Knoxville

6 (5)

Beech High School

7 (4)

Houston High School

8 (8)

Father Ryan High School

9 (7)

Green Hill High School

10 (NR)

Page High School


Full Composite Team Rankings

Note to voters: Incomplete submissions (only ranked 3 teams) were not counted. Voters who submitted only Boys or only Girls were. 

The next round of voting will begin September 24th.