Watch: Top Races From Region And Section Championships

Section 1 AAA

Drone Footage For Track

While you've seen aerial footage from cross country meets many times over you'll be hard pressed to find them for a track meet at the high school level. Of course the Olympics and NFL have huge contraptions with tension wires, cameras on guided rails and unlimited resources to bring you those shots but ever since I took this position shooting a one lap race from overhead was my goal and yesterday, in coordination with @JohnstonAerials on Instagram it finally came together. We only got a handful of races but it could not have turned out any better. Hoping to do this more often. 

Maryville's Davis Ernsberger narrowly grabs a victory at over the final meters of the 400m open dipping under 50 for the first time in his career with a 49.29. Other qualifiers include Braxton White (Sevier), Austin Rome (HVA), and Aiden Shaw (HVA). 

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