Watch: Division I Middle Section Class A Race Footage

At-Large Bids

The results for this race, though they were posted on the concession stand window as the meet was occurring, will not be available for public viewing until the other two section/region meets are contested on Saturday. The format for this classification are two qualifiers from each West, East, and Middle Region plus the next best two. So there is some gamesmanship and risk involved if the other competitors know the times and distances ahead of their competitions. Last night, I shot every race between the 100m Hurdles and the 200m Dash. The heats were seeded worst to best so the fastest heats where your likely qualifiers were slated run are not currently uploaded. The rest of the heats are as well as abbreviated distance races like the one below. 

The original video elapsed over 6 minutes in run time but this was cut down to two minutes as not to allow any viewer the ability to identify a time from the video. 

Middle Section Race Footage

The final heats will be uploaded Saturday.