TSSAA DII Large (AA) Middle Regional 2023

Nashville, TN

Meet Information

Deadline for entry is Sunday, May 7, 6:00 PM 

Regional coaches' meeting Monday, May 8, 6:00 PM in Burkholder Wellness Center

Tuesday, May 9 - Boys' Field Events; Girls' Running Prelims at 4:00; Boys' and Girls' 3200 Final at 6:00

Wednesday, May 10 - Girls' Field Events; Boys' Running Prelims at 4:00

Friday, May 12 - Running Finals at 6:00

The regional track meet will remain a three day meet in the same format as the Nashville City Championship. All events will be at Montgomery Bell Academy with FinishLynx FAT being used.

Entries will close on Sunday, May 7 at 6pm. Any changes after entries close will be fined $25 per day.  Checks should be made to Jan Pippin, meet director.

The coaches' meeting will be held on Monday evening, May 8 at 6:00pm in the Film Room on the bottom floor of the Burkholder Wellness Center (where we were last year).  Please ring or call for entry into the building.

Prelim order of events:

110H hurdles

100m dash, then a 15 minute break

400m dash

300IM hurdles, then a 15 minute break

200m dash


Tuesday, May 9, 4:00pm

Girls - sprint prelims (no relays) followed by girls' and boys' 3200m finals at 6pm

Boys - field event finals


Wednesday, May 10, 4:00pm

Girls - field event finals

Boys - sprint prelims (no relays)


Friday, May 12, 6:00pm

Girls and Boys - running event finals

We will not prelim relays, 800, 1600 or 3200m runs.


We will need each of you to work a field event. Please do not use parents as head officials. MBA will provide some student help at each event.


Tuesday (boys):


PV - Ensworth


TJ - Pope/LA



DT - BA/Ryan


Wednesday (girls):




TJ - HH/Pope


SP - Ryan

DT - Ensworth/LA


On Friday night, we will need each school to work a relay exchange zone.  Please pick up (and return) your flag at the finish line prior to the start of the relays.  Tennis balls will be provided in each zone.  No tape or chalk should be used for relay steps.


4 x 100m relay - 2 curve stagger - zones are yellow to yellow

4 x 200m relay - 4 curve stagger - 1st and 2nd zones are black-black, 3rd zone is yellow-yellow

4 x 400m relay - 3 curve stagger - 2nd leg breaks on back straight = zones are blue to blue

4 x 800m relay - 1 curve stagger - zones are blue to blue


4 x 100 - please assign one to watch in, one to watch out

zone 1:   BA, CPA

zone 2:  Ensworth, Ryan 

zone 3: SCA, LA

4 x 200 please assign 2 people for each end of the zone, 4 lanes each

zone 1:  BA, CPA, Ensworth, Ryan

zone 2:  HH, LA, Pope, MBA


Referees will be Jim Barr and Jr Ward.


MBA will provide food for coaches on all 3 days of the meet and the coaches meeting on Monday.  There will not be a vegetarian option on Monday, Tuesday or Friday night.


Admission for each day will be $8 on GoFan or $10 at the gate. Below are GoFan Codes for each day. Please send these out to your team.


Tuesday GoFan:  https://gofan.co/app/events/983292?schoolId=TN8662

Wednesday GoFan:  https://gofan.co/app/events/983297?schoolId=TN8662

Friday GoFan:  https://gofan.co/app/events/983302?schoolId=TN8662


Please note that 14 passenger buses should be parked in the parking garage at 205 S. Wilson Blvd.  Large buses can be parked next to the creek at the same entrance or in the bus lane next to the LAX field on Montgomery Bell Avenue. Please do not park any buses at the tennis courts.