8th annual Early Bird Endurance Meet 2022

Brentwood, TN

Meet Information

The 8th annual Early Bird Meet will take place at Brentwood Academy on Friday, March 25th

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE (Fastest heats will run last)


4:40pm: Elementary School Girls' 800m (Gr 2-5): 1 heat

4:50pm: Elementary School Boys' 800m (Gr 2-5): 1 heat

5:00pm: Middle School Girls' 1600m (Gr 6-8): 2 heats 

5:20pm: Middle School Boys' 1600m (Gr 6-8): 2 heats


5:40pm: High School Girls' 800m: 3 heats

5:50pm: High School Boys' 800m: 3 heats 

6:00pm: High School Girls' 1600m: 3 heats 

6:25pm: High School Boys' 1600m: 3 heats

6:45pm: High School Girls' 3200m: 1 heat  

7:05pm: High School Boys' 3200m: 1 heat


7:30pm: Women's 800m

7:35pm: Men's 800m

7:40pm: Women's Mile

7:50pm: Men's Mile                

8:00pm: Men's and Women's 5000m

8:30pm: Men's and Women's 5000m (2nd heat if needed)