Memphis Youth Athletics (MYA) #1 2017

Memphis, TN

Meet Information

Registration help:

We having 5 meets in March - May (Subject to change). These will be an abbreviated meet program for each meet (see below) for grades 3rd - 8th. The idea is to keep the length of each meet no longer than 4 hours (10:00 am - 2:00 pm). We are still working on details but we may need a little volunteer help for each meet depending on the numbers.

18 - CBHS
1 - CBHS
15 - Arlington High School
29 - CBHS
13 - TBA

Event program (depending on numbers and entries some events subject to change). Also if you feel like you have a runner who can run up in distance please let me know and we will decide if it is appropriate.

Event Schedule (Grades 3-8) & Running Event Order (Girls 3-5 run first, followed by the boys 3-5 then Girls 6-8, followed by boys 6-8)
100m/200m (alternate each meet)
3200m may be included at select meets.
*We may add events on a per meet basis but this will require a coach or coaches to help with the additions. Feel free to reach out to us before hand to suggest additions.
Again any productive feedback is welcomed!!
Nick Dwyer