Youth Track and Field of Memphis Invitational 2016

Memphis, TN

Meet Information


$10 Entry Fee per athlete
8960 Johnston St
Memphis, Tn. 38016

Accept race day payments
Field Events starts at 8:30
Running Events will start at 9:30

There will be a rolling schedules
Order of Track Events:
3000m Run (11-99 year old G&B)
80m Hurdles (11-12 year old G&B 30")
100m Hurdles (13-14 year old G-30")
100m Hurdles (13-14 year old B, 15-99 Women 33")
110m Hurdles (15-99 year old M 39")
4x100m Relay (All Divisons G&B)
1500m Run (All Divisions G&B)
50m Dash (4-6 year old G&B)
100m Dash (All Divisions G&B)
400m Dash (All Divisions G&B)
200m Hurdles (13-14 year old G&B 30")
400m Hurdles (15-99 year G 30", 15-99 year old B 36")
800m Run (All Divisions G&B)
200m Dash (All Divisions G&B)
4x400m Relay (All Division G&B)