TSSAA Class A-AA - Middle East Sub-Sectional 2016

Watertown, TN

Meet Information

February 5, 2016
It was good to see many of you last week at the TSSAA meeting at Hillwood HS. Here are the assignments for the subsections for this spring. We have used I-65 as our primary dividing line, but made a few adjustments to balance MLK being in the East. We need them in the Eastern half due to the meet management experience of their coaching staff. I know some will not be happy with your placement, but this is about as balanced as we could get. The section finals will be held again at Lipscomb.

East Subsection @ Watertown
Alvin C. York Institute, Central Magnet School, Clarkrange, Eagleville, Fayetteville, Goodpasture, Hume-Fogg Magnet, Livingston Academy, Macon County, Martin Luther King, Merrol Hyde, Middle Tennessee Christian School, Page, Stratford, Trousdale County, Watertown, Westmoreland, White House

Here are the dates for our events:
Pentathlon: Monday, May 2. 4:00 at Lipscomb Decathlon: Monday, May 2 and Tuesday, May 3. 4:00 at Lipscomb
Subsection Field Events: Tuesday, May 10. 4:00 East at Watertown and West at Lipscomb (The pole vault will not be held at the subsection. It will go straight to the finals to be held on May 17.) Subsection Running Events: Thursday, May 12 East at Watertown and West at Lipscomb
Please note that since the 4 event limit applies to both weeks, an athletes participation in a subsection relay count as a section event. For example, if an athlete is in 2 events at the subsection meet, he/she will be eligible to participate in 2 relays.
Section Field Events: Tuesday, May 17. 4:15: Pole Vault and High Jump; 5:00 all other field events Section Running Events: Thursday, May 19. 5:00 at Lipscomb
In all field events and the 800, 1600 and 3200, the top 3 from each subsection will qualify to move on to the section finals plus the next best 6 qualifiers overall for a total of 12 people in these events. In all other events, the top 2 from each subsection and the next best 4 qualifiers for a total of 8 overall will qualify for the section finals.
We will plan to have a business meeting of all coaches about 30 minutes before the start of the section running finals on May 19.
Entries for the Pentathlon and Decathlon (at Lipscomb) ARE DUE BY noon on THURSDAY, APRIL 28. Entries may be made online through the either Alltraxtiming.com or the Tennessee Runner web site (tn.milesplit.com). There is no entry fee for these events. That cost is part of your section fee.
SUBSECTION ENTRIES ARE DUE BY 10:00 A.M. Central Time on Saturday, MAY 7. It would be a great idea for you to go ahead and enter or update your team roster on the Tennessee Runner website. The method for entering a new team roster will take some time. Existing rosters just need updating. After you register at tn.milesplit.com for an account, you will have to wait to receive a confirmation e-mail from them before entering your information. If you will establish your roster early, the actual entry process will go much faster. There should be a link for entries on the TSSAA website that will also take you to the registration site.
Athletes may only be in 4 total events (the pentathlon and decathlon do not count in this) in the subsection meet. For example, if an athlete is in 1 field event and 2 individual running events, the athlete may only participate in one relay. He/she may be listed in all 4 relays, but can only participate in one of them. There is an important change this year that affects relays. These meets will be considered 2 separate meets in that if your relay team qualifies for the section meet, you may use any athletes on your team in the section meet relays-as long as they dont violate the 4 event rule at the section meet. In essence, your school is qualifying a relay team and you may use any athletes you wish to use at the section meet... This is the same format that has been used in past years when advancing from the sectional meet to the state meet. Please get your entries in on time or you will be charged a late fee of $25 per day (per TSSAA rules). Any changes that involve a substitution made after the deadline will also be subject to the TSSAA fine of $25 per day. Scratching an athlete from the meet is not subject to a fine. Asking to add an athlete or submit a new name in an individual event will result in the fine.
Entry fee checks are due in by Thursday April 28. (Please get your entry fees in on time to avoid us having to collect fees during the meet.) ALL entry fees (for both the East and the West) should be sent in to Tim Taylor, Lipscomb Academy High School, 3901 Granny White Pike, Nashville TN 37204. Checks should be made out to Lipscomb Academy. They should be mailed in time to arrive by April 28. Entry Fees will be $130 per school; ($65 if only a boys or girls team) or $10 per athlete if 6 or fewer athletes. ***Please ignore any mention of entry fees on the Tennessee Runner website. They have no record of entry fees, so that information is not accurate.
We have lost about 2/3 of our stadium parking for this spring due to the construction of a new field house. We only have the lot that is located behind the scoreboard. We will reserve that lot for team buses and coaches vehicles. If the ground is dry, which is doubtful in the spring, cars may park behind the visitors stands. All other parking will need to be done on our school campus or the University campus. We will run shuttles to help with this. Street parking will NOT be allowed. Please advise our parents and athletes to arrive early so they can be at the stadium on time.
Finally, Richard McWhirter of the TSSAA mentioned at the rules meeting, there is the possibility of many changes in track starting in 2018. Private schools in Division 1 have decisions to make, there might be more state track meets and several schools in our section may move up due to increasing enrollment. We are going to keep the meet like it has been in 2016 and 2017 until we see where these changes lead.
Tim Taylor
Lipscomb Academy High School Tim.Taylor@Lipscomb.edu; (615)966-6444