Playing with Virtual Meets




Just in time for regional championships, MileSplit has updated its virtual meet technology. Take a spin through this article to see what's new.

As regionals approach, the time that users spend on virtual meets starts to take a sharp increase. And, this year, virtual meets are more powerful than ever. If you are a subscriber, there's a lot of information waiting at your fingertips.

MileSplit has added the capability of manipulating the way a virtual meet is scored. The default setting is still to score 5 and displace 2. If you go to the right side of the virtual meet scoring, you can now change the numbers of scorers and displacers to customize the virtual meet to your setting. When you change the numbers of scorers or displacers and click on Rescore, the virtual meet is instantaneously rescored!

If you mouse over an athlete's name, you will see an X appear at the left end of the athlete's row. This X allows you to eliminate that athlete from the scoring. Once you eliminate an athlete the virtual meet instantaneously rescores without that athlete. This feature is very useful if you know, or hypothesize, that an athlete is out with an injury and will not be running in the regional meet.

More enhancements to the virtual meet technology are on the way. I'll post word of those as they become available.

For now, however, the easiest way to do a virtual meet on any of your regional meets is to go to the meet page, scroll down to the bottom of that page and select a virtual meet for either the boys or the girls. The teams involved in each regional meet are already loaded for you.

If you want to do a virtual meet for a league meet, you will need to create a virtual meet in a slightly more labor-intensive way of clicking on Stats in the main (blue) navigation bar and either selecting your league (if populated in the database--some are and some aren't) or selecting the teams. You can easily add or remove teams from a virtual meet once you have one displayed.

Virtual meets are only available to subscribers.