East Tennessee State University

Coming into Johnson City from the North, South, and West:
Use I-81, take exit 57-A onto I-26 E and into Johnson City. Take exit 31. At the end of the exit ramp, make a left at the light onto Univer- sity Parkway. Turn left onto State of Franklin Road (McDonalds should be on your right). Immediately after the Memorial Center

Venue Records

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Meets Held Here

Date Meet
2022-02-06 Tennessee State HS Indoor Track Championships
2022-02-03 2022 Buccaneer Indoor Track and Field Invitational
2022-02-03 2022 Buccaneer Indoor Track and Field Invitational
2022-01-15 ETSU Invitational
2022-01-14 KYA HS Indoor Classic
2021-02-05 ETSU Buccaneer Invitational
2020-01-31 ETSU Buccaneer Invitational
2020-01-10 KYA HS Indoor Classic
2020-01-10 ETSU Invitational
2019-02-01 ETSU Buccaneer Invitational
2019-01-12 East Tennessee Invitational
2019-01-11 ETSU Invitational
2019-01-11 KYA HS Indoor Classic
2019-01-11 East Tennessee Invitational
2018-04-27 ETSU Tri Star Classic
2018-02-02 ETSU Buccaneer Invitational
2018-01-12 KYA HS Indoor Classic
2017-03-02 NAIA Indoor Track National Championship
2017-02-03 ETSU Buccaneer Invitational
2017-01-13 ETSU Niswonger Invitational
2017-01-13 KYA HS Indoor Classic
2016-03-03 NAIA Indoor Track National Championship
2016-02-28 KYA Youth Indoor Invite
2016-02-27 Tennessee State HS Indoor Track Championships
2016-01-15 ETSU Invitational
2016-01-15 KYA HS Indoor Classic
2015-02-28 Tennessee State HS Indoor Track Championships
2015-02-06 ETSU Buccaneer Invitational
2015-01-16 KYA High School Indoor Classic
2014-04-16 Appalachian Athletic Conference Championship
2014-01-17 KYA High School Indoor Classic
2013-05-27 University School Summer Games
2013-02-22 Atlantic Sun Championships
2012-07-30 University School Summer Games
2012-02-17 Atlantic Sun Championships
2012-01-27 KTC High School Indoor Classic
2011-03-04 AAU Southern Indoor Track & Field Championships
2011-02-18 Atlantic Sun Championships
2011-02-04 Niswonger Indoor Invitational
2011-02-04 KTC Indoor Track Classic
2010-03-04 NAIA Indoor National Championship
2010-02-26 Atlantic Sun Championships
2010-01-22 Niswonger Invite. / KTC HS Indoor Classic
2009-03-05 NAIA Indoor Track & Field National Championships
2009-02-20 Atlantic Sun Conference Indoor Championship
2009-01-30 Niswonger Invitational
2009-01-30 KTC Indoor High School Track Classic
2008-03-06 NAIA National Indoor Championships
2008-02-29 Atlantic Sun Championships
2008-01-18 Niswonger Invitational

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